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June 26, 2019
Minutes of our last club meeting
Attendance: 35
Minutes: Accepted
Frank Kelley, Warren Cross, Mike Deming & Larry Staples
Gil Terzo reported on our first Jet day (rally). It was a real nice day. A lot of people were there. Me personally, it was a lousy day. There were some real nice jets there. The rally was well run. There were plenty jets flying that day. Even the wind cooperated all day. I feel it was a success. I have nothing to say bad about it.
Frank asked if Mike or Greg Thomas had anything to add and Greg thought it was a great showing since it was a word of mouth advertising for about two weeks.
Frank mentioned that this was followed by a prop day. As we all know it is difficult for prop airplanes to fly with several jets for many reasons. Frank also mentioned that he felt supplementing a jet day with another prop day, I don’t know if that should continue, but we should have other jet days, as far as I’m concern it was a rousing success.
      I didn’t report this at the meeting but this jet day/prop day all came about one morning while I was listening to a few airplane pilots talking about how they wait for the jet people to take off, fly & land and how it cuts into their flying time. So all I did was mention if we had a day for them to fly their planes without any jets, if that would be of any interest to them and boy what a response. They loved the idea, and then I asked in all respect to the jet guys how you would feel if they had the same opportunity of flying their jets without airplanes to worry about. The guys that were there felt it would be fair and could I pull this off. So I went to the field for the next few days and all times of the day and asked the same questions. I kept getting the same positive response. 21 pilots signed up for our jet day and 20 pilots for our prop day. The pilots on prop day said they plan on beating the number of jet pilot’s next time.  It felt like a friendly completion between the two groups.   Larry
Shawn brought up the idea that Pete from Mesquite and Nigel have a lot of interest to come here for a jet meet (weekend). From Havasu area California. Shawn said we don’t have to host it, Pete said he has a guy that would front the money. Frank felt we should be the host club. This has to be a sanctioned event.
   The jet guys are down to one site in So. California, and that’s Cotton Willow.
The reason is they are concern about fires.
   Keith Hedge reported on the Irvine event. This year they had a brand new 700 ft runway with good runoff. The weather was cool normally it’s hot. As usual Sam Boyd did a fine job. Everybody came back with planes fully in tacked. Keith Johnson’s wife Terry won the large flat screen TV at the raffle. The award winners are: Larry Staples, Frank Kelley & two awards for Keith Hedge.
Upcoming events: Too hot!
Old Business: NONE
New Business:
I asked if there were any interest for us to have a Jet event and put it to a vote. Mark Drieth is in favor of it big time. If the clubs in southern California are having trouble hosting these events I think the timing is right to get some exposure for our other events. I will do anything to help out. It was agreed to have a jet event in the spring. Jets Over the Desert February Fri, Sat.Sun.21, 22 & 23 are the tentative dates so far.
     Shawn: reported the next Parks & Rec. meeting will be on July 9th, the place to be determined. Time will be 5:00. I submitted a bunch of things to the city that needs to be done. The two most important things that need to be done are Track & weeds alongside the runway. Some of the things we as a park pass holders should bring up at the meeting are the parking situation, the power, water, another overhang, the entrance & exit driveway, permit to fix the roof, real restrooms and maybe some Astroturf.  I will let Larry know so he can send a memo to everyone.
      Mike Deming reported: About Jim Holland is willing to cook hamburgers once a month at the field that are free to club members, to support that a few people mentioned the fact that we need a grill. I looked up on line and they have a portable flat top grill that’s 24” square. It’s a $100.00 plus the propane. Does this sound reasonable for the club to support that? Can I get a motion to support all this? A motion was made a seconded. It was agreed that Jim cook on the Saturday after the meeting as long as it’s not too hot.   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I asked if there’s any interest in us having a swap meet. No interest at all. 

                    Jim Holland: Next cookout at the field will be on Saturday after the fourth.
Show & Tell:
Greg Minden explained the difference in connectors for our electric planes.
Donnie Findley explained the difference in paint.
Gil Terzo reported  on his jet engine that blew up at our jet day meet.
Respectfully Submitted,
Larry Staples