Welcome to the PropNuts

PropNuts meetings are held at 2705 Airport Dr. off Rancho, At the North Las Vegas Airport. It’s out by the Texas Casino. Our meeting room is just off the main lobby. Our meeting is held by Frank Kelley on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm sharp.

April 28, 2020

Minutes of our last club meeting
Officers:  Frank Kelley, Rex Bordwell, Mike Deming & Larry Staples

Our hearts go out to Georg Spath, we hear he is getting around after his surgery

Frank called the meeting to order and said the minutes of our last meeting was published by email and if there were no objections they would stand as published. Then Mike gave us a treasures report with no objections from the club members.

Frank reported on the IMAC contest he attended in California. They had great weather with a light turnout. They had twenty three contestants. Frank asked if anybody else attended an event.

Old business:

Frank reminded us in our last meeting that we decided to hold off on having any events in the near future. It was asked if we could buddy-up with the Bennett field club. Someone said that some planes were getting glitches and planes are being brought down. Someone else said that we are getting hit or radio interference at our field.

New business:

Barry reported on the newly paved runway and the LVRCC is having a fun fly in celebration of their new asphalt, this month on May 29.

Greg Thomas reported on the new radio’s having less power than the old ones, in other words you might experience a hit or glitch with the newer radio over the old one. Greg also mentioned that you might want to install more satellites.

Show & Tell:

Darrin Covington

Sid Mackay


Larry Staples