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 PropNuts meetings are held at 2705 Airport Dr. off Rancho, At the North Las Vegas Airport. It’s out by the Texas Casino. Our meeting room is just off the main lobby. Our meeting is held by Frank Kelley on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm sharp.
May 26, 2021
Minutes of our last club meeting

June 23, 2021
Frank Kelley, Rex Bordwell, Mike Deming & Larry Staples 
Minutes: was approved as read
Treasure’s report: was approved as read. 

Mike brought up a couple questions; if you’re not a dues paying member, do we still subsidize your Christmas dinner? Also if you’re a member should you get the half year discount if you pay after July? This was differed for next month (July meeting) for a vote.

Mike had the roster passed around for correction for members to see if their dues were paid or not. 

Frank talked about the re-grand opening of the newly furbished LVRCC flying field. They did a super job, and there are no longer any trees in the way, its wide open. You must have a current AMA membership with you

when you show up. And they had their Eldorado Dry Lake fly in. Warren Washington said they had about 12-15 people flying that weekend. Frank also noted that the Dry Lake Bed is very active on weekends lately. You must leave early because it does get hot. 

Frank mentioned that the Warbirds & Classics Event in Irvine is back on, August 6,7 & 8. The web site is: Scale squadron of southern California. 

Old Business: None. 

New Business:

Jim Holland reported that the Christmas party is still on. He is waiting for a final approval. Jim said HE will send out an email to everybody as soon as he knows if everything is okay. 

The question was asked: Does everyone have to take the Knowledge test from AMA? The answer is YES. 

At events we must start putting on our scale airplanes our registration numbers and any other requirements needed. 

Frank asked if anyone knew when the bone people were having their grand opening. 

Show and Tell: 

Rex brought in his nice Sopwith  Camel   

Respectfully Yours
Larry Staples