Welcome to the PropNuts

Welcome to the PropNuts
An AMA Chartered Club #4071
PropNuts meetings are held at 2705 Airport Dr. off Rancho, At the North Las Vegas Airport. It’s out by the Texas Casino. Our meeting room is just off the main lobby. Our meeting is held by Frank Kelley on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm sharp.
March 27, 2019

                  Minutes of our last club meeting                         
Announcement:  David Weiss passed on March 29th
Attendance: 31

Minutes:   Accepted

Frank Kelley, Warren Cross, Mike Deming & Larry Staples
Guests: 2
 Gary Joe Hansen
 Chuck Nelson
Frank attended an IMAC event in Phoenix. There were either 28 or 29 contestants. The biggest class was the class Frank flew in (intermediate) with 10 pilots.  That is it, Frank wouldn’t talk about it. Hmmmmm. 
Old Business:
I reminded the club that our Warbirds & Classics Event is in October 18, 19, & 20.
New Business:
Irvine event is coming up.
Complements of Rob Roy he has these 10% discount cards form Horizon. So he had us pass them out to the club members.
                                                                                                                                                                                Thanks Rob,
                                                                                                                                                                             Well done
Rob also made an announcement that in April The Bennett field is having a Warbirds & Classic Event, Dates will follow. They are thinking the 19th.
For those of you that get the Model Airplane News, on page 8 is an article on Greg Minden with his Avro Vulcan. Somebody said Greg will be out front of his home signing autographs all next week. Come early so you won’t have to wait in a long line. 
The paving is done at Sun Valley Fliers field in Phoenix.
At our field Shawn reported on the driveway that has been worked on and is much better now.
SAFETY TIP THIS MONTH. (Electric motors)
Warren Cross & Frank explained that we cannot be too careful when working on or around electric motors. Warren already did a lot of work on the airplane without having the prop on and he considered the job done Electric props are vicious, they love eating flesh. Please be careful.
Show & Tell:
Greg Thomas shared with the members on the best way to glue canopies together. Greg explained how in the past he use to use several clamps but now the clamps have been replaced with magnets. Greg says he uses Pacer Formula 560 glue because it dries clear, its water soluble and it’s strong. Greg says it works best if you glue your canopy in sections. EOR
Mark Drieth brought in his 1500 mm Flight Line Spitfire. Mark explained the extra detail he did on his plane. Great job Mark, keep it up.
Chit – Chat
Rob is trying to find the gentleman that said he had a Corsair for sale at the meeting. Please email him at robroy67@hotmail.com or email me or call me @ 415 798-0304 Rob is still interested. Rob said he was sorry that he had to leave without talking to you.
Well no one else sent in an article so I will talk about myself. I lost my 1/3 scale Fokker DRI the other day at the El Dorado dry lake bed. Coming in for a landing and on my approach I was still leveling it out when the engine quit when I was about 3 feet off the ground of course with the wing tipped, the plane quit flying and Frank said so did I and because of the lack of experience I brought home all the pieces. By the way the next one has been ordered and I will be flying that one soon, I hope.

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Dear members,
Model aviation needs your help to ensure future regulations do not place unnecessary burdens on our community.  Last month, the FAA issued an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) regarding the safe and secure operations of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In this ANPRM, the FAA is currently seeking comments on potential new rulemaking for operational and performance restrictions on UAS, including model aircraft. Some of the parameters being considered include altitude, airspeed, stand-off distances and unmanned aircraft traffic management. 
AMA has long held that the hobby of model aviation has introduced no new risk into the airspace, and therefore should not be subject to any new regulations. AMA is in the process of submitting comments to the FAA to this effect, urging the agency to take into consideration the existing safety guidelines for modelers and the differences between model aircraft and commercial drones – the FAA cannot and should not take a one-size-fits-all approach to regulating them. 
It is critical that we voice our support for the hobby by submitting a comment to the Federal Register regarding this ANPRM. Click here to submit a comment or visit www.regulations.gov and search for Docket No. FAA – 2018 - 1086; Notice No. 18-08. Below you'll find a suggested template for comments, which you can customize with your personal story and then copy and paste into the comment field on the Federal Register website. The current deadline for submitting comments is 11:59 pm on April 15, 2019. 
Rulemaking is a lengthy process but rest assured that AMA will continue to advocate for our members and keep you informed as it progresses.  As always, thank you for your continued support, and please reach out with any further questions or concerns atamagov@modelaircraft.org.
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I am writing in response to the FAA's advanced notice of proposed rulemaking on the safe and secure operations of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including model aircraft. My position is simple: model aviation has introduced no new risk into the airspace, and therefore should not be subject to new regulations. 
[Insert personal introduction details such as: I am a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and have been flying model aircraft safely and responsibly for XX years. I am also a model aircraft club officer/educator/designer, etc. I love to fly XX because...]
As the FAA considers new rules for UAS, I urge the agency to take into consideration the existing safety guidelines for modelers and account for the fact that model aircraft and commercial drones are not the same – the FAA cannot and should not take a one-size-fits-all approach to regulations. Not only would that approach run counter to the long-standing principles guiding both manned and unmanned aviation regulations, but it would also place an unnecessary burden on hobbyists like me who have been flying model aircraft for recreational and educational purposes safely for many years. 
Hobbyists who fly model aircraft do not need to be included in new rules for drone operators because we already follow our own proven set of safety guidelines, often at remote fixed flying site locations.  All AMA members fly according to the organization's safety code, which has been recognized by Congress as an effective means for managing the modeling community. Our existing safety guidelines work – and there's no reason to add new rules.
For example, AMA members always fly within visual line of sight of their aircraft, which allows model aircraft pilots to see and avoid anything that may be flying nearby. Also, AMA members must maintain a 25-foot distance between their aircraft and any individuals whenever they are flying. At competitions and events, spectators are required to stay behind a well-defined line, typically 50-100 feet away from the flight line where pilots are operating models, depending on the size of the event and aircraft. 
Advanced drones, however, have created the possibility for new risk, and that's why AMA has supported giving the FAA the authority it needs over sophisticated drones with advanced capabilities, such as those designed for sustained and controlled navigation beyond visual line of sight.  The FAA could use the presence of a navigational system that utilizes multiple waypoints as a means of differentiation between model aircraft and sophisticated drones. 
New restrictions on model aviation could have a detrimental impact on long-standing model aviation events and competitions that support local charities and non-profits. Beyond curtailing events and harming charities, new rules would have a chilling effect on youth involvement in the hobby and stifle the benefits of utilizing model aviation in STEM education, ultimately hindering efforts to attract youth to the aviation industry.
Again, I urge you to consider model aviation hobbyists separately from operators flying sophisticated drones as you work on new rules for UAS. Not all model aircraft and drones are the same, so the FAA cannot simply take a one-size-fits-all approach.
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March 23-24
Cactus Classic
IMAC event
Jet Rally
Tucson AZ
Phoenix AZ
Respectfully Submitted,
Larry Staples