Welcome to the PropNuts

Willie McCool Regional Park
4400 Horse Drive
North Las Vegas, Nevada

Requirements: You need the following four (4) items to fly 

 1.  AMA Membership  Card - (valid year to year)
Academy of Model Aeronautics
To download the AMA Safety Guide, visit:  MODELAIRCRAFT.ORG/SAFETYGUIDE

Note: You need to join the AMA prior to going to the North Las Vegas Parks & Recreation (below) to get your field permit. You can print a temp AMA membership card online when you join. Take that with you to get your permit.

 2.  Permit - (Issued by City of North Las Vegas, valid calendar year to year)
North Las Vegas Parks & Recreation Department
Neighborhood Recreation Center
(Hours - 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Sat, - Closed Fri & Sun)
1638 N Bruce (NE corner of Bruce and Stanley)

3.  Registration Number & Certificate - (Issued by FAA- valid 3 years
faadronezone.faa.gov --   You must register as a recreational user (non-commercial) and be given a number to be displayed on your aircraft.

4.  T.R.U.S.T. Certificate – (issued by the FAA) (currently one time only)
The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)
You can take it on AMA's website while online and print a certificate, (no charge) while signing up for AMA membership. (Type the word trust in the search box.) Or you can take it at FAA.gov 

You must take a test and carry the completion certificate on your person while flying.

                                                                                 Willie McCool Regional Park Rules and Regulations

1 ) Definitions.
     As used in this chapter, the following definitions shall apply, unless the context clearly indicates or requires otherwise:

     a) Airfield  means the Remote Control Fly Field within Willie McCool Regional Park.
     b) Airfield Hours  means Monday through Sunday, 8:00am to 8:00pm.
     c) AMA  means Academy of Model Aeronautics.
     d) Combat Flying  means the flying of any Model Aircraft in such a manner as to intentionally interfere with another Model       

          Aircraft, cause damage to another Model Aircraft, or cause another Model aircraft to Crash.
     e) Director  means the City of North Las Vegas Director of Parks and Recreation.
     f) Membership Card  means a card issued by the City of North Las Vegas pursuant to Section 3 of these Rules.
     g) Pilot  means any person who is flying a Model Aircraft.
     h) Model Aircraft  means all forms of radio-controlled model airplanes or helicopters.
     I)  Rules  means the Model Airfield at Willie McCool Regional Park Rules and Regulations.

2 ) Prohibitions.

     a) No person shall operate any Model Aircraft within the Airfield without first obtaining a Membership Card and adhering to  

          the rules.
     b) This Airfield is open during Airfield Hours. Only radio-controlled miniature aircraft are allowed at the Airfield. Control-line 

          aircraft or free-flight aircraft are prohibited.
     c) No person whose Membership Card has been suspended or revoked by the AMA or the City shall fly Model aircraft at the

          Airfield until and unless that Membership Card is reinstated.

3 ) Membership Card required.
      Each flyer must purchase a Membership Card, to be renewed annually, from the Parks and Recreation Department. The   

      Membership Card is valid from January 1 through December 31 of the year it is purchased. Pilots must maintain possession 

      of the Membership Card while flying at the Airfield or display the Membership Card on the frequency board at the Airfield

      while flying. The Director may revoke a Membership Card for any violation of these Rules. In order to obtain a Membership

      Card, the applicant must comply with the following:

      a) Provide proof of AMA membership (which includes insurance);
      b) Provide government-issued picture identification;
      c) Pay an annual fee established by the Parks and Recreation Department; and
      d) Sign a copy of the Rules acknowledging compliance herewith.

      After the above conditions are met, the City will issue a Membership Card containing the pilot’s picture.

4 ) Plane Testing and Registration required.
      Plane testing and registration is valid for a period of one year, and will run concurrently with the Pilot’s membership card.

      The maximum decibel level at the Airfield is 98 decibels (dB) at 25 feet.

     a) Fuel Powered Aircraft. All Pilots shall present any plane to be flown at the Airfield for sound measurement.

          i) Decibel Measuring Procedure. Fuel Powered Aircraft will be measured with a City of North Las Vegas "calibrated" Sound      

              Level Meter (Decibel Meter). The sound meter shall be placed downwind 25 feet from the model center line and  

              positioned in line with the prop arc at twenty-four inches in height. The sound meter shall be pointed directly at the model

              and perpendicular to the fuselage. The Aircraft being measured shall have its engine run at full power for the sound test.

              No noise reflecting objects will be allowed within three feet of the sound meter. Any Aircraft testing higher than 98 dB's

              will not be registered.

     b) Electric Aircraft. All pilots with an electric Aircraft shall register their Aircraft at the airfield, or schedule an appointment

           with the Parks and Recreation Department staff.

     c) Procedures after testing. The City will issue a sticker that must be affixed to every plane that will fly at the Airfield. Pilots     

          must have a copy of the plane registration while flying and the registration must correspond to the particular plane in the

               i) Plane Sticker Location. The sticker is to be placed two (2) inches behind the canopy or wing on the top center line of

                   the plane.
               ii) Helicopter Sticker Location. The sticker is to be centered on the top of the canopy.

5 ) Flying Regulation for Model Aircraft.
      The City will conduct random sound checks, and will investigate all reported violations including, but not limited to: flight

      zone infractions, plane registrations, and Membership Card violations. All persons flying Model aircraft at the Airfield shall

      comply with the Rules, including Airfield Hours.

     a) Model Aircraft may not be flown over any residences, schools, streets, or parking areas.
     b) Pilots shall take all actions necessary to safely avoid Model Aircraft striking each other or any other object or person or

           landing on houses, in backyards of houses, on streets, on school property, and to avoid interference with the flight path of

           any aircraft.
     c) Engine starting, operations, taxiing, and flights shall be only within limits of specifically posted areas. Picnic benches and     

           tables shall not be used for Model Aircraft maintenance.
     d) Mufflers are required for any motor larger than .08 cubic inches.
     e) Pulse jet, ram jet, solid or liquid fuel rocket motors are not allowed in any form.
     f) ​No Spectator shall be allowed beyond the limits of the spectator area unless individually accompanied and adequately 

         supervised by an authorized Pilot.  

     g) All competitive or organized events held at this facility must have the written consent of the Director.
     h) Radio frequencies must meet 1991 and current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allocations. Frequency pins

          must be used and pilots must stand within applicable pilot boxes. Transmitters must display proper frequency and channel

     i)  Animals are prohibited, except dogs on leash six feet or shorter.
     j)  Use of the Field is a privilege. All Pilots and spectators must comply with the Field’s rules and regulations.
     k) Before flying Model Aircraft at the Airfield, each Pilot must comply with the following:

          i)   Possess the Membership Card required by this article;
          ii)  Be members of the AMA; and
          iii) Be familiar with and obey Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) rules at all times while using this field.

     l)   Pilots shall inspect their model Aircraft to ensure that they are in safe flying condition.
     m) If a Model Aircraft lands on private property, no person shall go onto that property to retrieve the Model Aircraft unless

            that person first obtains permission from the resident or occupant to retrieve the Model Aircraft. If permission to retrieve a  

            Model Aircraft is refused, then the pilot shall contact the North Las Vegas Police Department and request assistance in

           obtaining the return of the Model Aircraft.

     n) Pilots shall not engage in racing or combat flying at the Airfield.

     o) Pilots shall be responsible for any property damage or personal injuries caused by the flying their Model Aircrafts. In the

           event that such injury or property damage occurs, the pilot of the Model Aircraft shall, upon request, furnish his or her  

           name, address, telephone number, and insurance information to anyone who is injured or whose property is damaged,

           including the City.