The PropNuts Radio Control Club is a registered AMA club, #4071 in AMA District 10.

PropNuts meetings are held at 2705 Airport Dr. off Rancho, At the North Las Vegas Airport. It’s out by the Texas Casino. Our meeting room is just off the main lobby. Our meeting is held by Frank Kelley on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm sharp.

Our goal is to provide a community for like-minded R/C modelers to meet and discuss all the various aspects of this great hobby. Membership is $20 per year, pro-rated $5 per quarter.

We fly at the Willie McCool Memorial Model Air Park located at 4400 Horse Dr., North Las Vegas, NV 89084. This is a North Las Vegas park and we are bound to operate according to the rules and regulations posted at the field. To use the field you must have a current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership card and a current North Las Vegas park badge. Directions to the field: drive North on Decatur Blvd. and turn East on Horse Dr. The field is approximately 1/4 mile east.
​As you can see, our field lies SE x NW. It is a requirement to maintain a safe distance from the houses that are directly South of the field.

You must obtain an AMA membership prior to going to the N. Las Vegas Parks & Recreation office to get your field pass.

You can get an AMA membership online and print out a temporary card.

WHERE TO GET YOUR FLYING FIELD PASS:                                                   AMA MEMBERSHIP HERE:

North Las Vegas Parks and Recreation                                                                                                        

Neighborhood Recreation Center                                                                    877-766-1750

1638 N Bruce St (NE Corner of N Bruce & Stanley Ave)


Great News

Oct 27nd 7:00p.m.
We are back in our old meeting room at the North Las Vegas Airport.
Tables will be set up and only two people can be seated at each table.
>>>   Masks are optional this month   <<<

       Welcome to the PropNuts

                                        COVID-19 UPDATE

New Rules as of May 9, 2020: We are now able to have up to 3 groups of 10 at the field at one time.

 So here's how this works for us pilots that want to fly.
When you pull into the field, the first thing you want to do is count how many people beat you here.

Remember new maximum of 3 groups of 10?
You want to count the number of pilots, spectators and pilots that are just visiting.

All this cannot exceed 3 groups of 10 total.
Now, if you are the 31st person that just pulled up,  you have to make a choice. 

You can either sit in your car or truck until someone leaves, or you can leave and come back later.

Remember no more than 3 groups of 10 people at a time. This is for the whole park.
Our Governor said just the other night that if people won't comply, 

he will be forced to close all city parks along with other facilities. 

Thank you for understanding---Larry Staples